Religious Resistance to Quarantine

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I'm frankly getting kind of tired of of the whole stay at home and shelter in place and we all are. This is one of those things where we need to. Just buck up and deal with it. It sucks but it's important to make sure that people don't needlessly die because right now people are needlessly dying and there are some people who are not willing to buck up and deal with it such as a local ammon Bundy who you may recall from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. A few years back. He led an armed insurrection against the United States government. Seizing Federal Land and destroying any artifacts and has his. Most recent thing was a defiant Easter gathering near his home in Emmett Idaho where he was hoping to get a thousand people. Together in. Defiance of the governor's shelter in place order. Yeah he was hoping to get one thousand people you WANNA guess with. The real count was sixty. Yeah he got sixty people. He also didn't run out a big space research. Nope just used a warehouse that he owns on the edge of town out of these sixty people about half when asked by. Diego Rodriguez a pastor who spoke at the event when he asked who was from out of state but half rose their hands after the event or before even During the event the people were hugging and shaking hands. Nobody wore masks or any other protective gear. There were tons of most of the vehicles. There were pickups. A LOT OF THEM HAD AMERICAN. Flags mounted some had bumper stickers promoting the three percenters militia and somebody at the entrance blow a show far which is a horn made from a horn that you blow that is actually a type of Goat Horn. It is at least loosely based on a old Jewish horn talked about in the Bible but has been taken over by Christians especially the Jews for Jesus and Masonic Jewish groups and now the Patriot movement. Which has a anti-federal movement that seeks to overthrow the federal government and replace it with a libertarian theocracy? Which of course it would be a complete oxymoron. The the pastor there the event He did say during it Quote they'll speak all manner of evil against you. They'll say that you were just trying to bring attention to yourself. They say they'll say that you are trying to destroy other people's freedoms because if you go outside and you breathe someone might die. Yes they are ammon. Bundy was just trying to bring attention to himself. The people gathering are just trying to bring attention to themselves. They have been promoting themselves in as an anti federal movement. They are actively opposing. The state government and Idaho has one of the most conservative state governments out there. One of the most liber- Libertarian state. Governments out there. And they're opposing it too so no they they are just anti-government and anybody who's truly anti-government doesn't get it like even anarchists. Some kind of government. I don't know what they're really hoping to replace the government with but obviously it's not just getting rid of the central government man. It's pretty crazy One thing that the Bundy said at the event was I think it's bad enough and our rights are infringed upon enough will physically stand in defence in whatever way we need to. I believe that is specifically what Governor Brad. Little was talking about with a hose shelter in place order when he said that he doesn't want to have to enforce it but he has activated the National Guard and will use it if he needs to. They're bringing people from out of state and outside of the little town of Emmett to an event with more than ten people to potentially spread Govett. Nineteen either from Idaho to these other states or from these other states and to the town of 'em and win. The governor threatened the use of the National Guard. That was I know. At least I interpreted as stopping travel across regions like stopping people needlessly traveling from state from out of state to say a fucking Easter event in Im- it. It's not like they're going to be having the immaturity festival this year. Kentucky has mandatory shelter. Kentucky has a similar shelter in place and advance of Easter actually two days before Easter. Good Friday governor. Andy Bashir warned that anybody who violated the stay at home order on Easter knowing that there were numerous churches threatening to ignore the order also acknowledging that while most churches and every single synagogue and mosque in the state at shut down for this time there were some that weren't and he said that anybody who went to one of them would be subject to a fourteen day mandatory self corn team with police recording license plates and sending health officials to in person place all of these people and their households on quarantine. What actually happened ended up being at least that one church Maysville baptist. Church had a full house. At least it looked like it from the parking lot Which As a general rule of thumb churches considered full when the parking lot is eighty percent full. That's when people start. Stop showing up and just drive by so yeah. If it appeared to be near near full house it was full and that was despite a heavy police presence and even some nails blocking the parking lot entrances a church member who arrived beforehand Remove the piles of of nails and they ignored. The police warnings and signs and then they police went. Oh and some people even covered up license points To make us so the police wouldn't be able to record their license plate numbers so then. The police took down license plates when they could and the numbers when they couldn't and again everyone who attended lease. Let me phrase it. The owners of the vehicles that were in the parking lot during the event and everyone else living at their address are now quarantined for fourteen days. How fucking selfish can you get like if you can? You can hope that. In each of those cases everyone in the household attended And you didn't have. People need needlessly getting quarantined. Or at least everybody's getting quarantine due to no fault of their own but that's not likely with the Baptist Church but if there was anybody in attendance who had a roommate who is a devout Christian. Yeah that sucks. You need to pick your pick your roommates better. If you're in that situation and in Virginia Bishop Gerald Glenn of Richmond's new deliverance Evangelistic Church said at one of his. Actually I believe is that his last service he attended on March twenty second quote. I firmly believe that God is larger than the dreaded virus. You can quote me on that. He happily announced that he was being controversial violating safety rules at way more than ten people in attendance and then he was diagnosed with Kovic nineteen and has now died his wife's also sick with over nineteen and according to their daughter early on her father dismissed his symptoms because he has some other health condition that often leads to fevers and infections. I'M GONNA GUESS DIABETES. And so she ignored that he nord that apparently ignoring that diabetes and and or any other health disorder that negatively impacts your immune system but she would increase risk of severe complications from Cova nineteen including death. He firmly believed that God is larger than the dreaded virus the virus that killed him.

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