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The lords of the fallen, which is the sequel to a game called lords of the fallen, has now been renamed lords of the fallen. So the sequence the same name as lord of the ball and long awaited sequel to 2014 souls like lords of the fallen has now been renamed lords the falling. Do you want to say it again? The name change was subtly baked into a technical showcase released on March 22nd. This means the sequel now shares the exact same name with the original game despite only being released oh yeah, despite only being released around a decade apart. The lords of the fallen sequels re revealed at gamescom 2022 after years of trouble development spread across several different studios. It's back on track, however, and a first look at its gameplay was released in December last year. Can I surprise you? Yes, I've not played laws of the fall. Wow. I do think the new one looks cool. You know, people do this like God of War. They called it God of War. But that's a lot of games. The mass and the furious. Exactly. There was a lot of games in between them. You know what I mean? It's not just like calling the direct sequel a decade later, you know. Is that right? It's a bit weird. We did it. Yeah. That worked for everybody. I don't know why they're more of like a reimagining of what because the original prey and then pray that we got a few years back very, very different games. Yeah, I don't like if they explained why?

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