Tim Mahoney Uncovers Shocking Discovery After Spiritual Encounter


Back. We're talking to Tim Mahoney, Tim, I'm just amazed by what you just said. So you said that you had this moment of doubt and you felt what sounds like a satanic entity come into the room a cold presence saying everything you've believed was a lie. Wow, okay, so yeah, then what happened? Right after that, after that feeling like I had just fallen into a chasm, another thought came to my mind so strongly it was stop editing, get up, go to your office. I got up, walked across the office, walked into my office and said, then the thought was, go to your bookcase and walk over the bookcase, read that book. And there was a book there by an egyptologist that had been given to me about a year before, and I had lots of books. I don't read all the books that everyone gives me right away. I pulled this book out. And there, I opened it up, and the very dig site that I was looking at in the edit suite was being discussed by this egyptologist, David rohl. And it had a whole nother interpretation for the arrival of the Israelites for Joseph's tomb in his palace. All these things that were, I had no idea. And it was almost, it was a providential moment in my life where I saw I sensed the battle, the Supernatural battle in my own life right there in that edit suite. And then I said, I've got to go to England and film this man. And that began again finding answers. And I think that that's been the battle that I've been on is confronting the challenge. And I've tried to do this as you can tell by listening to all sides of the debate. That was another key lesson that I learned in making these films. I had to hear from the skeptic. I had to hear from the unbeliever. I had to hear from the different points of view for this to be a legitimate investigation and not just the propaganda film.

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