The Real Reason for Tucker Carlson’s Abrupt Departure From Fox


The real reason for Tucker Carlson's abrupt departure from Fox remains a little unclear and there's a bunch of different hypotheses or theories circulating you saw one that was actually well here, the article, this one is well, I mean, can we really trust it? I think it's from The Guardian. The Guardian in Britain. What does it say? Well, it says that Tucker Carlson's vulgar language in texts contributed to fox's firing of him. And what's the vulgar language and who was he referring to? So apparently he was referring to Sidney Powell and some of it. He also referred to Murdock and other parts of it. So, and apparently he was just a very mean guy is what they were saying. Well, I can see if he made that disparaging comments about Rupert Murdoch at this if it got back to Murdoch, Murdoch would be upset. I'm his boss. That kind of thing, I mean, it seems pretty clear that Tucker is a little bit of an early guy. And I say this because in fact, you made this point to me that when Justin B wells sent me very insulting text, this was in the immediate aftermath of 2000 meals. He was speaking in this kind of vulgar, brutish language, and I said to Debbie, I'm like, do you think that Tucker's producer would do this on his own? And she's like, well, it probably Tucker talks like that. So this is like the, this is the talk around the office, and there's a woman named Abby grossberg, who's apparently suing Tucker, claiming that there was all this very vulgar sexist talk going on in the office. Who knows? I mean, I have seen an article as a completely different theory that has nothing to do with any of this. And actually says that it's Tucker's Christianity. And by Christianity, what I mean is not tacos personal devoutness or anything like that. But Tucker gave a speech at heritage right before he got fired. And he basically said this isn't just a political fight. He goes, this is a spiritual war. And the other side isn't just wrong. They're basically like on the devil's side. They're evil. As we've said, yes, exactly.

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