Danielle Interviews Former Senate Aide Tara Reade


I'm delighted to welcome our guest today Tara Reid. She's an author, actress, former Senate aide, and the host of the Tara Reade podcast. Tara, thanks for joining us. Hi. Yeah, I'm actually in my podcast is called the politics of survival. And it's on every Friday night. So on rumble and on YouTube, well, sometimes YouTube, sometimes they pull it down. You know. Oh my gosh. Oh no. So you get like some YouTube strikes and violations lately, but yeah, it seemed like it was more frequent earlier this year and it seems to have calmed down a little bit, but yeah, look everyone. I think rumble is really great because it's just sort of there's no, there's no censorship. Yes, that is so nice. It's crazy too how I'm sure you were just talking about things that shouldn't have been censored, but how it is. But yeah, I thought we could get started by maybe you could tell us a little bit about your earlier years in life. Where did you grow up? Where are you from? Kind of tell us a little bit about you becoming a Senate aide. Oh, okay. Yeah, that's interesting. wrote about it in my book left out when the truth doesn't fit in, and you can find that on Amazon or wherever. I wrote a bit about my childhood, but I lived on a farm in Wisconsin when I was a little girl. I was born in the Monterey county, California, since Linus. And you know, I went back there as an adult actually to the Monterey area, which is a beautiful area, but very, very expensive. And I loved my years growing up in Wisconsin farm. I always had an interest in my family is very political. My mother was an activist and anti war activist Vietnam and very committed to that. My father, I was pretty much a strange with him after their divorce from 13 9. I didn't see much of him for years at a time. But he was a defense contractor and worked for the panna cotta at one time and was a writer. So he was very different politically than my mother. So very different views. And I think that's kind of in a way good because I've had a lot of different input of different points of view throughout my life.

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