Explosion strikes Palestinian PM's convoy in Gaza


News with bill and wendy snyder later this morning this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago if you have a smart speaker just say play wgn radio on tunein wbz news time is four o'clock let's get to the newsroom ed vic thanks nick fair skies thirty one degrees at o'hare an explosion this morning is hit the convoy of the palestinian prime minister during a rare visit to gaza it's not yet clear whether or not it was a by chance attack or an assassination attempt at the prime minister was unharmed three of the vehicles in his convoy were damaged at least one person was injured president trump set to fly to san diego later this morning his first trip to california since taking office he's expected to see border wall prototypes and address members of the military before heading dylan's angeles for a fundraiser the us senate holds the pair of hearings today on how to best spend one trillion dollars on the nation's infrastructure abc's andy field is in washington the senate today hearing from experts who will advise how to spend the federal money extending hizb internet's rural america and suggestions congress needs to sweeten the pot for new bridges and.

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