Apple Music vs Spotify


Garrod out later it's what it feels like this is just another business ride off we got this yeah gave yet you've got to think the people like shamil n r and christon wig and jennifer aniston they want some sort of they're not gonna just come there 'cause you're gonna get a check they want to know where these are going to appear who's going to be able to see him i can't imagine really uh people of this calibre saying oh yeah it's okay if it's only on an apple tv that's just not that's not going to k at the big names in atlanta the oslo usac during by the way why china as a as an android user i admit i don't pay a lot of attention now apple music is doing in comparison to spotify um and and some of the other services remember when a music launched it was like oh 14 million you know automatic installs or whatever was and then i didn't get the sense that a lot of people opted into it um so i feel like i understanding whether or not apple music is a success is a potential way to look at how oh apple might be successful in making this kind of content right according to the wall street journal once again apple is on track to actually overtake spotify in paid users is not even close to spotify total users because they have uh tens of millions i think seventy million subscribers if you include the free tear but apples quickly catching up apple said they told the wall street journal f thirty six million paid global users that's a growth uh it in just a few months i think but something like five percent growth in in uh mud in one month and spotify growing two percent a month and paid users so those lines across at some point in the near found better yeah so apples growing my theory at this i don't have anybody telling me anything it's just a theory by your member that uh amazon video with.

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