‘Hedge Fund King’ Steven Cohen Gets Back to Business


Parade it's sent to begin about an hour from now on fifth avenue at forty four th street i'm christopher cruise i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters steven cohen is back at the helm of his hedge fund this after doug haynes president at cohen's point seventy two asset management as step down from his post haynes guided the firm for four years in the wake of an insider trading scandal the resignation comes as cohen stages comeback as a hedge fund manager after a two year ban he'll serve as president and ceo during the search for a replacement for hanes billionaire john paulson who's hedge funds assets of plunged is opening the door for more money to leave people familiar with the matter say paulson's firm once one of the biggest in the industry will return money to investors in some form russian hackers attempted to penetrate the us civilian aviation industry early last year as part of the broad assault on the nation's sensitive infrastructure jeff troy executive director of the aviation in for nations sharing and analysis center said the attack had limited impact and the industry has taken steps to prevent a repeat of the intrusion horizon investments chief global strategist greg valliere is predicting larry cudlow tapped by president trump to be the top white house economic adviser won't last long the story from bloomberg's charlie pellett inter note valliere says the trump kudlow relationship reminds him of quote a wedding where everyone whispered at the reception that the match would never last they are ready to agree terrorist so i think there's still a lot of difference within this administration i don't think everybody is on the same page and valliere says kudlow is a nice guy houma swim in shark build waters and he fears he'll be gone by thanksgiving charlie pellett global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm susanna palmer this is bloomberg this is masters in business with barry ritholtz on bloomberg radio.

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