Cirque du Soleil performer dies in fall during Florida show


Komonews dot com russian president vladimir putin has addressed thousands of people who rallied outside the kremlin to thank them for their support and promised new achievements speaking to a crowd who chanted a pop concert near the kremlin marking his election victory putin hailed those who voted for him as a big national team adding that we are bound for success meanwhile social networks were buzzing all day with videos photos and firsthand accounts of voting violations in russia's election election authorities said they will investigate all irregularities and the results if needed a review of documents shows the president donald trump's son in law's firm routinely filed false paperwork declaring it had zero rent regulated tenants and dozens of buildings it owned in new york when it actually had hundreds tenants rights watchdog compiled work permit application documents filed by jared kushner's firm and shared them with the associated press in response kushner says it will take corrective action as necessary what court will hear the stormy daniels case that's still the big question and president trump's legal battle with the adult film star a nondisclosure agreement signed more than a decade ago team abc chief legal analyst dan abrahams says the president's lawyer wants the case to be heard in federal court where it's more likely to be settled when you agree to a contract and you take that hundred and thirty thousand dollars even if there are issues you got an uphill battle to try to undo it so she and her lawyer don't have an easy argument here at this whole agreement should be null and void a circus performance ended and terror and tragedy last night in tampa florida cirque du soleil releasing statement here on sunday confirming a longtime aerialist fell to the stage during its show the statement says the area list was rushed to the hospital where he later died ben maldonado who was in the audience says the performance was performing an aerial routine when he seemed to lose his grip and fall he does no movement on nothing cirque du soleil promising a full and transparent investigation in coordination with local authorities this komo news environmental groups across the country of targeted plastic drinking straws for extinction their goal prevent this non degradable plastic from polluting our beaches waterways and oceans promos consumer man herb weisbaum says seattle is one of the places trying to make a difference you.

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