Thousands Expected On Boston Common For ‘March For Our Lives’


To forty thousand people to take part in today's march for our lives march and rally the march advocating increased gun control measures has been organized in response to the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school on valentine's day wbz's lana jones tells us boston police will have a major but subdued presents commissioner bill evans says there could be a counter rally on the common but he is not expecting to put up barriers well if we have a large crowd mystic towards one we'll get in between but more like two full have steel barriers if we need them but it's not gonna be preset uptown evans supports the march you know i'm healthy all the time and they see these young kids a lot of them young african american kids being killed every on the streets of our city and i know parkland was a terrible thing but there's so many kids across this country every day who died two senseless blinds regarding to guns it's a boycott call in boston lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty in the gun debate will be heard today organizers expect a half a million people in the nation's capital to march in favor of enhanced gun control measures the nra will also have a presence staging a counter march this is seventeen magazine executive editor joey bartolomeo who's bringing some teenagers to the dc march it's really cool for kids to have a cause now that they believe in and that's what what high school is about now it's not just kind of who's popular and it's really like what's your mission what do you stand behind what what are you doing to make a change this young woman plans to march.

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