REMINDER/Colabor Group Will Hold a Conference Call to Discuss Its Fourth Quarter Results


Talk about us online makes them advocates for our business and that word of mouth just exponentially goes up no i think that's the case but you know the reality is is the still this discussion you call it the big foot of what people get for results offer social media right and it is the question i know it's actives and business leaders talk about all the time with spending all this time all this money pumping information out there how do we measure it hey i know every cfo on the planet wants an answer to that question can you give us an answer that question corey yeah you know i i wrote that to you and i was thinking gosh that might be a potential for a new book or something down the line but you know i've been in digital marketing social media for over ten years now and you know the word results obviously comes up a lot and it's a difficult you know lying the team so to speak because we are in the marketing world and with that there's a lotta touches potentially in the overall sale.

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