Coeur d'Alene students organize walkout for gun control


And small in idaho and across the country are marching for their lives tomorrow morning they'll be joining survivors of the parkland florida high school shooting who will take to the streets of washington to urge congress to pass gun control measures ashley romanovskis leading the march for our lives in court elaine and tells the public new service scenario that does have experience with shootings at schools after the shooting and spokane it was pretty crazy to come back to school at quarterlane because there was something that we all thought about and there's really close to home and i think that when you get the right students to get motivated and to get out there and speak their mind definitely makes an impact in boise the march for our lives will be get a ten am on saturday at least seven other similar marches are scheduled across idaho including in idaho falls moscow and twin falls opponents of gun control measures say they are an effective tool as for preventing gun violence rick worthington six seventy katya why the leader of an idaho progun proconstitution group says while the protesters at saturday's march for our lives rally at the capitol will be exercising their first amendment right to free speech what they really want to do is infringe upon our second amendment right to keep and bear arms idaho three percent president eric parker says the kids who rally at the capital this weekend have been filled with misinformation in school and by their pop culture heroes and it's up to parents to teach them what the second amendment is all about education is on us as parents i believe that it's truly up to us to counter that onslaught that they receive in public education and on the tv history the nationwide march for our lives rallies will had been funded by hollywood celebrities silicon valley ceo's and michael bloomberg's anti gun group every town for gun safety.

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