March for Our Lives: students press for gun control


Columbine high school alisa zee has her story michelle border of waco texas is now at thirty seven year old teacher and she will share her story at a texas march for our lives event on saturday she was an eighteen year old high school senior on the day to students opened fire at columbine high school in colorado killing twelve students and teacher she says the gun control discussion is important because it appears that since columbine nothing's really changed she also says she doesn't want her wounds to be completely healed because without her scars the conversation gets forgotten actually says reporting students across the north west march for their lives this weekend and komo's brian calvert found out a grammy award winning group plans on adding a little star power and it's all happening in the rose city thousands are expected in downtown portland for the march and rally and an appearance by group hails from portland just won a grammy for this mega hit thank you sir remember we used to feel things lead singer of the group portugal the man john gore lease has he really admires the kids involved in the march and movement adults as we grew older like you lose a lot of that because you you do conform as you get older you start to think well maybe i can't make a difference maybe i can't do that so i'm just going to go to work today callum win is excited to have attracted the band's attention as well as the attention of parents and lawmakers we can actually see progress being made that people actually listening to us teenager l younger says there's been a lot of criticism for the younger marchers people saying things like the adults put you up to this didn't pay worthy adults pushing us into it they would have done something a long time ago they would have done something twenty years ago before we were born after release has even though he's in his thirty s he's reminded you're never too old to do what you know is right but he reminds the kids taking a stand isn't easy we put out a video that call that fake news and info wars and we got serious threats bandmate zach carruthers if they are this good at organizing publicly and public speaking but this kind of passion at the age.

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