Massive blaze on set of Edward Norton, Bruce Willis movie kills firefighter


Firefighter erik swanson are currently in stable condition and being treated for nonlife threatening injuries mayor says those two injured firefighters are expected to fully recover and the makers of the movie motherless brooklyn offering condolences after a deadly fire in a brownstone in harlem that they were using for a set actor edward norton who's directing that film and other producers offered their sympathies for the family of firefighter firefighter michael davidson who lost his life fighting that fire norton called nine one one himself to report the fire he says new york firefighters are real life superheroes that movie also stars bruce willis alec baldwin and willem defoe south bill south florida billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist throw philanthropist wayne high zanga has died of cancer at age eighty cbs's peter king reports who was known for the company started and the sports franchises he owned wayne hi you founded three fortune five hundred companies we was the founding owner of hockey's florida panthers major league baseball's florida marlins their fifth season.

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