2 Austin families targeted by package bombs knew each other


Are closed in pennsylvania special congressional election between republican rick saccone and democrat connor lamb outcome of the race could offer hints to what could come in november's midterm elections president trump traveled to san diego today checkout prototypes of his long four bought a border wall he didn't have rolls over here you wouldn't even have a country wouldn't even have a country earlier in the day trump used a tweet to fire secretary of state rex tillerson stephen popper who was on president obama's national security council says tillerson's ouster hurts the nation's international image voice that spoke for traditional diplomacy that spoke for honoring us agreements a civil rights leader in austin texas says the families of people killed by separate package bombs knew each other and double acp chapter president nelson lender says he doesn't believe their deaths are a coincidence i'm tim maguire the newcomers who arrived in the little farming villages of medieval germany would have stood out they had dark hand tony skin spoke a strange language and had remarkably tall heads scientists who investigated the unusually shaped skulls say they provide evidence that women also migrated long distances across medieval europe not just men in a study published on monday by the proceedings of the national academy of sciences researchers say the women's elongated heads suggest they might have been high class individuals artificially elongated skulls may have been considered a form of beauty ordinary high status because of the time at effort required to bandage a child's head while the practice is often associated with the huns who swept into europe from the east during the fifth century the genetic makeup of the women found in bavaria showed little asian ancestry while it's unclear why the women apparently without men travelled such a long distance the study's authors speculate that they may have represented strategic alliances between distant populations across europe the controversial stormy daniels sixty minutes interview isn't ready for prime time according to the head of cbs news news president david road says more journalistic work needs to be done on the story before it airs daniel says she had an extramarital affair with donald trump before he became president trump denies it buzzfeed reports.

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