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To, um, you know, law enforcement being involved in my youthful indiscretions so that always gave me a heightened awareness of. You know, the consequences of, uh, the drug war but also. I just saw how the drug war was being implemented on the streets. You know, I watched all my friends get swept up by federal task forces every year. I mean, they would come through our neighborhoods like slave catchers in scoop people up and throw these federal indictments on him. An folks were getting off fog load a time for just a little bit a dope. Uh, I mean, these guys were kingpins You know, some of them were just trying to. Supply their own habit, but lost their lives. You know, one of my buddies was like in the same facilities Timothy McVeigh in a, um, over a little bit of crack Wh. Why? Why? In house way? Um, so that never sat right with me. And I kind of have this indignant Bass fucked up that can't stand mentality. And so anytime at a hospital adieu to do something about, you know, practicing what I preaching, You know, it's one thing to get open out of shape about something, But if you're not gonna do anything about it, accepts at their Mitch about it, Y, What are you doing? So this was perfect for meter practice. What I preach, uh, and show that this is something that I really do care about an, you know, I've put my livelihood behind it and you know book look, This isn't the easiest work. Uh, let's be honest here. Let's all three be honest with ourselves in terms of the amount of victories that we're going to have in how hard fought They're going to be, but also just, you know. America's perception of drugs, people use drugs, people who are tolerant of drugs, Uh, in other Latah liabilities to this work you know that you know could possibly, you know, affect us down the road. But when you believe in something, you know, you put it on the line, uh, in a way that was my grandiose version of, Why do it I mean, short answer too long. Did read brother needed a job? Els Now that's good stuff man and Tommy notes, it's an interesting this question of on all the stigma and and what it means to be a drug. You know, it's one of the things I've been trying to wrap my head around, uh, doing this work. It's, you know, you guys have heard this before, but my my feeling an analysis is that almost all everyone our societies using drugs every single day, You know, from you waking up with the coffee. Uh, I I like my cigarettes, people smoke weed, they got their, you know, uppers and they got their anti-depressants and they got their stuff to help them sleep. I mean, every one I can anyone really identify someone who's not using drugs in. So it's it's so strange to me that everyone is using drugs yet. Certain people are so demonized and just the storage were telling your friends who grown up with them, you know, getting swept up and put it in a cage because they use a drug when everyone else's using drugs. It's just it's something that just blows my mind that there's so little, um, kind of like compassionate. Solidarity, You know, it's like and especially now I mean, it's only now it's always, but like especially nowadays, there's in this so much going on in this world and it's so Harden you're talking about nuclear war with North Korea, and there's hurricanes and islands in people losing their lives, and fires, and wars, and harassment of women and been Trump going after the vulnerable and in Emmett. I mean, there's so much going on. Now my joke is if you enough, you're not self-medicate not paying attention. I mean, it's like there's It's insane and not to say this, not beautiful things also. And and that's another reason we use drugs is not only the deal with pain and anxiety. It's also a way to have some fun, You know. And I'm going to go out tonight with Glowka after this and have a couple drinks. And you know you hang out with some friends and has a winer's smoke Ajamie. So site. But the point is, everyone is using drugs, but how we can be so easily let our brothers and sisters be targeted for their CERN drug use and put them in a cage. It's something that's always blow my mind, and I just hope that. At society we get again, have some empathy, hasn't compassion, recognize that you know, we need see night that Sonera Elina war on drugs, It's a war on other people and uh, you know, how, how could we allow the you know, our government to put someone in a cage because they use a drug when all of us are using drugs. It just it makes no sense to me. You know, we we thorough are around the rather academic term around this organization drug exceptionalism. Um, but I think I there's a lot of that going on Because you know, Most people who use drugs don't consider themselves to be drug users, Right? Uh, most of your staunch anti teetotaller folks probably drink coffee when they have a headache. They take an aspirin. When they go the dentist, They get Nova came in lesser just nuts, and they just take it, you know, with no anaesthetic I mean. And these are all drugs that have uses in society. We sell. Great with alcohol. I mean, it hell most of New York culture is predicated around drinking, you know, And we're all Fine and dandy, You know, in comfortable in our own personal drug use. Uh, just as long as they don't come after hours. And I think a lot of folks are starting the feel, the effect of that. I mean, Tony, you can speak to this probably better than anybody in the way that they've come after smokers, You know, and just demonize people who use cigarettes going back to, you know why we do this work. The reason drug policy alliance has been so educational from me in helpful to me amount personal growth. Uh, despite what I said about, you know, my background experience in interest in drug policy reform also had a lot of blind spots too. You know, um, I was new but not new to harm reduction. Look, I didn't understand it as a as a as a term and a concept. Although the the, the the principles behind it obviously really connected. But, you know, I needed those doubts connected. For me, And I think that we can all benefit from a sort of a 360 view of what the other person is going through fits easy to call me a drug. Nina call you a drug user like, Hey, smoked MCA exhume in handy junkie. But you're not saying shed about, you know, the painkillers that I, you know, have to, you know, take from Anakin other issues you don't say should about that. We thus smoke and no one, you know, no one has the nerve to, you know, say anything about anybody. Because usually that same person It's probably taken some anti-depressants probably has a cup of coffee in their hands. Probably woke up with a headache this morning. So I mean, we got a lot of glasshouse dwellers thrown stones, You know all across the board. And I just like to say I I could I find it very inspiring as an opportunity. Imagine if we pull all the fingers into a fist all the you know people whose like marijuana people were cigarette smokers people like their alcohol people got their pain pills all the stuff you uh you just mentioned. I mean. A because again, it's really all of us all if we all came together and say, We're not going to let you go after one of our brothers and sisters, because what they decide to use. Um, you know, I mean it either one thing though we should talk about, So if I could bounce one one thing I tried to ram I had around his, So what should we do? You know, we all are using drugs. We obviously know that there's incredible the tragedy around a lot of people's drug-use you know, we we had talked about sixty four thousand people dying of an overdose. There's a front-page during the New York Times today about math is first of all, never really went away, But it is back with a vengeance right now in its it's gone. Let's not get too alarmist but as as well, But yeah, Well, Well they they did say that in a lot of places more people were, uh, overdose in dying from methamphetamine than then opioids right now. So anyway, a lot, there's too many people dying. There's too many. You know, people who are struggling an an and ending up behind bars, and so you know, a lot of people may say, Look, yeah, you guys, I I get what you're saying. Wall using drugs, a Conohere your samba. What are we gonna do about our family members are struggling? What are we going to do about the people were dine? So if you know this is just something I've been thinking about and I would like to put it out there. I don't know. You know, I'd like to get your thoughts on it. I think there's four simple ways. So I think about how society I hope we've established that everyone's using drugs, everyone's using it for either joy, paying a combination of it were all use an or whatever drizzly happen to use. And so one thing is, someone does have a drug problem. Number one, four solution than born. If someone has a drug problem, Let's get them treatment and help. I mean, there's too many people. Everyone always his all. Why don't people get help? Ninety percent the people watching me can't get it. If you have a drug problem like I will each case, I think he is go down and there's a treatment centre with open door and a doctor waiting the talk to you. There's I can including a lotta time to say, Yeah, come back and six months. Even your your buddy Trump over here and when they're trying to go after ObamaCare. That was one of the things we are offering training, You know, offer up trimming of people there currently are going to shut down. So one thing is we have. The make it as easily as possible for people do have drug problems to get help. That's number one. And you know, we say, we want to treat, you know, our government pretends it, they want to help people who have drug problem, Sri healthy shoe, put your money where their mouth is. They should have treatment on demand for anyone wants it. Let me underscore affordable treatment on demand as well. Just to underscore the the the importance of your point. Yup, it and it should be, you know. So the and what treatment looks like. That's a whole conversation that we can get deep into and allow the treatment is absent. Only in in a we have some problems with that. Now that's not the way it works for some people getting, you know, some people may want to give a pair. Wanted spill still smoke a joint too maneuvered, trimming programs say, Oh, you're still using Yuga kicked out some. There's a long conversation about what treatment is, but it's still offering how for people needed number one. Number two, people who don't have a drug problem should be left alone. If they if they're using drugs but not harming anyone in or a board member, Dr Call heart know. Am emailed says this all the time, and it's gonna be counter-intuitive people in any. It's also, you know, but the government numbers back it up. Ninety percent of people who use drugs, any drugs, including opioids, and methamphetamine don't become addicted and don't have a problem. I know people gonna say that's not true. Talent is no way 95 but that is the numbers and you know, so you know the same way, you know, some people can drink alcohol narrow prompt. Some people smoke. We never prom. It's like either So. So many people get locked into the criminal justice system get harassed, get arrested us up in then Air Force into treatment. They don't even need treatment. So one, Let's give resources to people who need help. If someone gets popped and doesn't have a troll problem, We don't need to force them into treatment. They may just be left alone. Number three, if someone does cause harm to someone, whether you're on drugs or you're not on drugs, You gotta be held accountable. If you go in attack someone physically Irina do some Violencia their laws on the yet there yet laws of a lever getting you know. You know drunk and fucked up and you get behind the car. Sorry, man, You got to get you Does responsibility for that stuff. So we're not saying a free for all society. You caused harm to someone. You should. You should be held accountable. And number four So number one China set tell him to quote Tony Papa, Tom. Once Tom, twice, some We told them before one treatment, on-demand, our help to leave alone. People that don't have problems. Three, if someone does harm to someone, they have to be held responsible in for all of us. Millions and billions of drug users need to unite. And this war on drugs and and as you know, stop allow them to put people in cages and cops stopping in frisking and ruining people's lives and taking leak. It's parents. We need a fight in the drug war, No more drug war dot org, Tony new maneuver and see the problem with that is that that makes far too much sense. And you know, people cannot handle sent. So on behalf of our friends at drugs and stuff, we'd like to upon. Is for dropping so much common sense on you, please use responsibly, uh, just so you know, for the listeners a drugs and stuff, This is kind of lightning inside some of the bigger brainstorms that we've had. And this is how you know a lot of the media strategies and communication strategies from drug policy aligns kinda came. We're just, you know, having to brainstorm and tossing out ideas in Knin and get the creative juices flowing. And so you're listening in on one of those conversations. Drugs and stuff in it's a behind the scenes. Look the art it. No. Can I just didn't reject Rizzaq in its note It is funded say Nope. Heard that.

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