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The deal offered to president obama we already have bilateral deals with six of the eleven nations in tpp working to make a deal with the biggest of those nations japan who's hit us hard on trade for years building on our trade story trump also struck a more optimistic tone on china this comes as the country's exports posted a decline in march leaving a surprise trade deficit is bloomberg's bryan curtis where the details from hong kong exports fell two point seven percent after a whopping gain of forty four and a half percent the previous month a sizable miss here from the projected eleven point eight percent increase in a bloomberg survey imports to jump fourteen point four percent and that did beat estimates it left us somewhat rare trade deficit for china to the tune of four point nine eight billion dollars firstquarter data are often strongly affected by the chinese new year holiday and this time we had a fairly chunky currency effect the increased three point seven percent in the first three months of the year in hong kong i'm bryan curtis bloomberg daybreak europe london stock exchange group is hard goldman sachs's david schwimmer to run the two hundred and seventeen year old balsa ending a months long search he'll join the group in august off to a twenty year career golden's he takes up one of the most high profile jobs in the city of london schwimmer replaces interim chief executive david warren will retain his role as cfo and in other news some corporate news that i spoke about earlier volkswagen has picked a new leader in a management shakeup at the world's biggest carmaker as it is attempting to draw a line under the diesel scandal herbert dc they had vw's namesake brand will become ceo as well as oversee technology across the organization the moves come as the company prepares for wave of technological changes said to up end the industry's traditional business models let's get more on that story from bloomberg's global business managing editor benedict benedict how the.

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