Jennifer Hart was drunk when she drove her family off a cliff, authorities say


And causing southbound traffic to be extra jammed from two eighty getting out of san francisco it's pretty busy in just about every direction just got word of an accident southbound one zero one before you get to eighty so that a freeway is backing up onto the southbound central freeway as well as west eighty golden gate span heavy in both directions just getting to it so in and out of san francisco and then north one zero one jammed from two eighty to the bay bridge sunny tomorrow and for the first part of sunday before this rain arrives monday looks to be wet and chilly breezy as well highs in the fifties and sixties from the city that changes the world this is cagey oh san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k g o a cumulus station now on the amazon alexa opened the keijo eight ten skill good afternoon i'm nikki medoro authorities say a woman who drove off highway one in mendocino county in an suv carrying your wife and children was drunk chp captain bruce carpenters says jennifer hart was driving the medical when it went off a cliff last month we have determined that jennifer heart's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit based on preliminary results the toxicology tests also found the wife and two of their adopted children had a significant amount of benadryl in their system the hearts and three other children were found dead after the.

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