Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist, confirmed as No. 2 official at EPA


I'm gonna start a hashtag on that with these are the kids we got hashtag i gotta stick it out though let's get an update from the metronews radio network west virginia metro news i'm chris lawrence temperatures west virginia climbing again today the weather's nice but officials suggest you refrain from using it to do any outdoor burning fuels are dry humidity is low and the winds are gusting and those are conditions for enhancing the threat of a forest fire but this afternoon and evening several reports of fires across west virginia under similar conditions thursday a gathering in summersville last night is the two sides of the nncholas county schools debate sat down with a mediator trying to work through a lot of controversial issues on how best to proceed with rebuilding schools destroyed particularly enrich would in the two thousand sixteen flood state school superintendent dr steve payne says they're not done yet it's kind of a halfway point of progress of the mediation team but before we move forward what we wanna do is make sure that we share that result and give the community nncholas county a chance to respond to our progress in pain says though compile the responses to a number of options put on the table for discussion last night former murray energy lobbyists andrew wheeler has been confirmed as the next deputy administrator of the us epa that confirmation got the support of senators shelley moore capito and joe manchin capita says wheeler is a good fit for the job is well knowledge over the years of working on environmental policy and the public and in the private sector are just incredible i final confirmation vote fifty three to forty five wheeler also previously served as an advisor to senator jim hoff of oklahoma a staunch critic of climate change you're listening to metronews the voice of west virginia you know the old saying about the fox guarding the hen house that's what happened at facebook each day millions of americans post share.

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