California Democratic Party won't endorse Dianne Feinstein


Muller puts you in this indictment although i you know there's there's some things that go on that are a better pretty shady but my point is since it's our proud boast that it's part of what america is all about to promote our values throughout the world i think it's a very dangerous road to go down to say that this kind of information promotion to the extent of the facts the politics and elections with other countries is now in indictable felony or is it seems to me that that at the the kind of thing that by us more than it's going to bite the russian diane feinstein has been a senator from california 26 something shocking habits to the fouryearold liberal the stance leaked she was unable to garner the support of her own democratic party in california pete peterson is the dean of the pepperdine university graduate school of public policy he explained how this happened on the hugh hewitt show now give me your to send some what it means people wake up today and there will find that the california democrat party did not endorse diane feinstein for reelection instead endorsed the hyper liberal kevin de leon what did you make of that well it's what i what i call the earnest preclusion only democratic party that started in two thousand fifteen and there are a lot of uh burning flows out he'll uh especially in southern california though that uh really thought that they were flight it uh back in two thousand sixteen of that we've they're taking over the elf on the democratic party do you think that diane feinstein could actually lose that primary one certainly.

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