3 children in back of stolen vehicle found safe near Cincinnati, Ohio


Drafted at the top of the hour 'cause we take a break here in twenty seconds but i wanna hear you comment because these things are just not adding up unless there's some kind of agenda and i think that might be your second point is there was an agenda because this school district in this sheriff and the county or whatever all the head hunters were making millions and millions of dollars because this deal not reporting these crimes in criminal and stuff so i want to hear your commentary when we come back after a little short break right here on america's truck and debt were how you'll see newsradio 700 wlw news traffic and weather newsradio 700 wlw cincinnati vehicle theft and kidnapping and coleraine rain township this is the four o'clock report i'm troy adams breaking now a man is under arrest after triggering an amber alert for allegedly stealing a man a man's running at an suv while his children were inside the suspect is howard mullis junior charged with auto theft and three counts of kidnapping after he allegedly stolen suv with three kids inside it happened at the pitstop store it pippen and ghalbraith saturday afternoon sergeant scott owen coyle ring township police says the kids father left the suv running went inside the store and that's when the suspect jumped father who is the victim and the car he and another a person gave kate another car and they lost them in the area of a cold rain avenue and gowaris would eventually the suspect left the suv and the kids in the parking lot of a walmart on coal rain and was later arrested matt reese newsradio 700 wlw

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