Oscars 2018: 'The Shape of Water' wins big at 90th Academy Awards

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Live from NPR News in Washington on core of a Coleman Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets today with President Trump at the White House as NPR's. Daniel estern reports. Their meeting comes amid uncertainty surrounding Trump's Mideast, peace efforts, and the Israeli leader's own political future. The Trump administration has spent the last year working on a peace proposal for Israelis and Palestinians and says, it will present its proposal soon. But after Trump recognize the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, The Palestinians have rejected A U S led peace process piece is not at the top of the agenda for Netanyahu's meeting today with Trump, They'll be focusing on the Iranian nuclear deal and Iran's military buildup in Syria a day before Netanyahu flew to Washington police questioned him in one of several corruption cases he's facing polls suggest about half of Israelis want him to resign, but his party still has a strong base of support. Daniel esturine NPR News. Washington United Nations convoys are bringing relief to the besieged enclave of eastern Gouta Syria. It's the first aid to reach the region since one of the deadliest government assaults opened on the enclave two weeks ago, the BBC Sebastian usher reports, aid workers hoped to deliver enough supplies for twenty seven thousand people. The convoy has only a couple of hours left of a five hour daily pools in fighting to get the aid to the main town of Duma and unload it. It's been a tortuous process even to get to this stage. It's only the second such delivery to Easton Gutu this year, And there were precious few last here. The UN has said that they planned to send in another convoy on Thursday with the rest of the aid. They prepared for some seventy thousand people. The BBC, Sebastian Osher students in West Virginia are out of school for the eighth day in a row today as teachers protest their wage levels in health benefits. The West Virginia Governor in state house had proposed a five percent wage increase. But NPR's Amy held reports. The state Senate did not agree. Great, and set a lower percentage wage increase the state Senate agreed to a four percent raise for teachers as well as service personnel in state troopers, They say the lower raise will potentially allow all state workers to get a bit more, But that just won't cut it said Dale Lee president of the West Virginia Education Association. All public schools in West Virginia be closed again on Monday and remained closed until the Senate honors. The agreement that was made the governor has already agreed to the five percent raise and so has to house Now with the impasse It is unclear when West Virginia's two hundred seventy seven thousand students We'll get back to class, Amy held NPR News in Congress. Lawmakers are expected to vote on a major rewrite. A financial industry rules. This week is aimed at scaling back rules for medium-sized and smaller banks. The rewrite of the Dodd-Frank law appears to have supportive several Democrats in the Senate. This is NPR. The ninety th Academy Awards have wrapped up with the film, the shape of water being the big winner of the night, including winning Best Picture and peers. Andrew Limbong has more on the surface. The ship of water doesn't seem like your stereotypical Oscars contender is the John her movie with both fantasy and horror vibes. Neither of the Leeds talk and it's about Inter Species romance. But Director, Guillermo del Toro told the audience that these kinds of movies are exactly the kind of movies that speak to re-live issues and encourage others to make them everyone on his dreaming of a Wall of using John. Our founders, The dollar stores are ugly. Things are real in the world today gun door. This is a door ticket, open uncommon. The movie also picked up three other wins director, production design and original score in Jhelum among NPR News. Other Oscar winners include Frances McDormand his best actress four three billboards outside of being Missouri. Best Actor Gary Oldman for darkest hour, Best Supporting. Actress Allison Janney for I Tania and best supporting actors and Rockwell 4-3 billboards outside ebbing misery. Hundreds of thousands of people remained without power from Virginia to Massachusetts. The outages come after a destructive winter storm on Friday. The Associated Press says that nine people have died because of the storm. Coastal flooding remains a danger from Delaware up to main The National Weather Service has announced a separate set of warnings for the Northern Plains. A powerful storm system is bringing blizzard conditions from parts of North Dakota, South through Nebraska. I'm Korver Komen NPR News.

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