Ford Escape safety rating 'poor' for new crash tests


To forty nine thousand four del miss this great free credit repair just be one of the first ten callers eight hundred four eight to four hundred ninety four the white house reacting to the stock market gyrations sparked by the president's tweets and import taxes abc's andy field with the details for months the president has claimed credit for a big jump in the dow industrial average but as an answer trade tariffs said the market into a tailspin spokeswoman sarah sanders reaction we have a little bit of short term pain but we're certainly going to have long term success let me american industries and investors hurt by the big sell offs telling the president to back off a potential trade war saying it could cost thousands of american jobs andy field abc news washington a certain small suv's perform better and crash test and others says abc's aaron katersky the insurance institute for safety tested seven compaq suv's for occupant protection and found the bmw x one chevy equinox gmc terrain jeep compass and mitsubishi outlander performed best the outlander sport earned a marginal and the ford escape a poor rating after passenger side air bags in those vehicles did not deploy in crash tests the changes that were made to protect drivers in drivers said crashes are not being made on the passenger side as well sure it's institutes becky miller said manufacturers should not shortchange protection for front seat passengers aaron katersky abc news new york a jury of seven men and five women ten white to black seated wednesday to decide bill cosby's fate the biggest celebrity trial of the hashmi to era this is abc news komo news time twelve oh four komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the four certainly the bellevue way hov on ramp to westbound i ninety is closed overnight the left lane of northbound zero five to nine in snohomish county on steamboat slough bridge is closed as well overnight and we've got this roadwork going on northbound i five no slowdown but it's up at state route five sixteen two left lanes are closed and that will go on until about five o'clock in the morning the sport is brought to you by talil resort and casino discover the gaming power of one earn points and rewards all three of your favorite casinos find all the.

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