YouTube shooter thought company was 'ruining her life,' family says

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Concern about interest rates how much higher they're going to go i think that's another thing i mean the fed is raising rates it says it's going to raise them this year even more on there's an unemployment report coming out on friday which could spook investors even more if if it shows that the economy is getting too hot and then there are concerns about technology shares i mean we've seen some individual problems different different companies amazon for instance which has been the target of a lot of president trump's angry tweets lately facebook of course with privacy concerns so a lot of the big tech companies that have been helping to propel growth in the market for so long now there are questions about them and all this is sort of combining to cause the market to have the jitters alright npr's business reporter jim zarroli thank you now let's turn out in northern california in the city of san bruno where a woman opened fire yesterday at youtube headquarters wounding three before taking her own life audie cornish host of npr's all things considered spoke to zachary voorhees he's a senior software engineer at youtube they talked yesterday when i approached a courtyard that's when i heard a commotion i heard a man yelling out you wanna shoot me and about twenty feet away from him with somebody on the ground with an apparent gunshot wound in the stomach and he was bleeding out of his shirt and he wasn't moving just gives you a sense of the chaos yesterday youtube npr's laura slidell has been following this story hi laura good morning help piece together what happened yesterday well ahead about twelve forty six pm police say they began to receive numerous nine one one calls about gunshots at the headquarters of youtube which is in san bruno and within two minutes they arrived at headquarters according to san bruno police chief ed barberini responding officers found a pretty chaotic scene and people were fleeing the scene there were police officers then began patting down people as they were leaving the building we have three people wounded who were sent zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where a man is in critical condition there are also two women who were wounded one is in serious condition and the.

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