What's next for Shohei Ohtani after homering off Corey Kluber?


What what i'm sorry i that doesn't make any sense to me but this is baseball in two thousand eighteen this is what happens and and all i will say is i will be at citizens bank park later today and my new favorite thing in life is going to be the gabe kaplan press conferences i loved having gabe as a weekly guest on a show i did with the late darryl hamilton gabe kaplan was one of my favorites literally it didn't have a name but it was always what would game kappler saying sitting with some of the philadelphia writers today who see again yesterday that i'll see you again tomorrow i dunno mike daisy do this damn overnight show each other also but seeing some of them they said that they have been doozy's and today was an absolute doozy talking about what his focus is like like he's like in zen us out there man well let's move now and talk about the story of the last two days in major league baseball and that is japanese star shohei ohtani seth who became the first player in baseball history to win a game on the mound as a starting pitcher and then hit a home run as a designated hitter he hit his second home run here and this one came against corey kluber on wednesday which is more impressive than the home run that he hit on tuesday in my opinion because kluber is one of the top pitchers and all baseball despite a shaky spring are we starting to see the dynamics that otani can bring to the angels it's the big relief at least for a couple of days for the angels in their owner arte moreno because you know he looked lost in spring training but you know it's a huge culture shock and i've talked to players about coming over from japan and you know it's more about the adjustments off the field but the field is actually the only place where things actually makes sense.

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