South Africa to memorialize Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with national funeral


In the morning college hoops champs john stolnis has your sports recap coming up mary moloney reports kentucky teachers walked out yesterday and tens of thousands of teachers in oklahoma ditched the classroom favoring the state capital instead teachers want more money in their pocket and want more dollars to spend on their students education educators in oklahoma are some of the lowest paid in the country some working two or three jobs outside the classroom just to pay the bills well actually hold several jobs i work at an event coordinator never management at an event venue i drive for posts mates which is a delivery service i'm also a surrogate teachers in oklahoma and kentucky held walkouts monday protesting low wages and cuts to education funding this is not the exception this is the rule teachers are working several jobs but it's not just about pay in oklahoma the state's teacher's union says that school funding has been cut by twenty eight percent in the last decade which means the burden of making sure the classroom has enough supplies falls back on the underpaid teacher oklahoma state legislators did approve a sixty one hundred dollar raise last week in response to teachers complaints but for those protesting it's only the beginning and in kentucky teachers march to the state capital after controversial pension changes were tacked onto a sewage bill refers to your teacher i've already spent a couple of thousand dollars on my classroom taking care of my kids if i can do it they can find funding protesters in both states are cursed by the success of recent ninety shutdown in west virginia teachers there eventually walked victoriously back to the classroom with a five percent raise mary me reporting twenty one before the hour south africa is mourning the loss of antiapartheid activist winnie mandela here's david mckenzie they celebrating the life of winning mandela outside her home here in soweto she was eighty one years old a struggle stalwarts of south africa president nelson mandela was her husband but she was so much more than that to the people they said she was a leader for the oppressed what is the legacy of winnie mandela a selfless leader of the people of the.

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