Los Angeles, Stephen Reinhardt and President Carter discussed on Wake Up Call


Am six forty more stimulating talk one of the nation's most liberal federal judges his died in los angeles judge stephen reinhardt sparks some outrage in two thousand and two when he ruled that it was unconstitutional to include the words under god in the pledge of allegiance reinhardt was appointed to the bench by president carter in nineteen seventy nine before that he served as an la police commissioned member and he was an informal adviser to mayor tom bradley he died of a heart attack yesterday he was eighty seven a couple of juvenile great white sharks have been spotted in dana point so this is the time of year when we get little baby duckie's little baby rabbits and little baby chicks and now we have a little baby sharks local photographer matt lauer lahrmann managed to get both of them in as he looked at him with his drumming though is probably in the six to maybe seven foot range so it's still relatively small for a great white but that's big enough to scare me.

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