U.S. airstrikes targeted Syrian chemical weapons infastructure, Mattis says


In midtown in the sixties on long island into the north of the city good morning i'm donavan wins news time at the tone five thirty breaking news now on ten ten wins promoting i'm john belmont the us written in french dazed warton later air strikes against syrian chemical weapons targets overnight this morning hundreds of people gathered in damascus honking their horns flashing victory signs and waiting syrian flags in defiance it was just after four am their time that you explosions jolted damascus let's get the latest now from abc news airstrikes in syria the us along with britain and france carrying out targeted missile strikes against the assad regime's chemical weapons infrastructure in london this past hour british prime minister theresa may addressing the country meeting these targets with the force that we have to kuwait will significantly degrade the syrian regimes ability to research develop ads deploy chemical weapons strikes followed the confirmed chemical attack in douma outside damascus last weekend we have sought zoo so using every possible diplomatic channel our efforts have been repeatedly thwarted both on the ground and in the united nations president trump addressing the nation last night as the mission began we are prepared to sustain this response until the syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents the pentagon did not share the target list with russia russian president vladimir putin calling the strikes and active aggression michelle franzen abc news wins news time five thirty one traffic center here's jill nicolini alright taking look at the expressway no problems to report is you make you wait here over the verizon bridge and as you make your way onto the guan is looking good from thirty eighth street up to the biki a limit of a slowdown as you approach the brooklyn battery tunnel but nothing major on the northbound side a smooth ride as well through queens on the.

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