Apple HomePod sales disappoint


Introduction nine weeks ago home pod sales have been dismal a new york post writer even called the home pot of flop one thing about apple never underestimate apple products both the apple watch and even the iphone were labeled as flops within their first year sales home pod strength is at speaker system it sound is superb and puts the amazon echo to shame but the home pod costs more than the echo so if you're buying it to listen to music it's definitely worth the money but another home pod week this is if you're buying home pod is a digital assistant the alexa is simply better so why by the home pod apple siri will catch up with alexa but the echoes poor sound system is just that at least for these models i'm kim commando i've got some big dinner plans for my family coming this week and it doesn't involve restaurants or takeout or even grocery shopping here on the kim commandos show each week i tell you all about simple recipes gourmet touches and flavors delivered right to your door with garden fresh premeasured ingredients just go to hellofresh dot com choose from a variety of recipes across veggie classic and family plans then your meals arrive with easy to follow fullcolor instructions with hellofresh you'll whip up dinner in just thirty minutes or less and there are lots of one pot recipes for speedy cooking and minimal cleanup after a busy day after two or three weeks of hellofresh you'll love your new dinner routine i know i do because of how simple and fun it is to cook and enjoy delicious home cooked meals for a limited time get thirty dollars off your first box at hellofresh dot com slash kim plus free shipping that's hello fresh dot com slash kim for thirty dollars off your first order low i dot com slash kim there's no question unido mega threes but which form should you take fish oil or krill oil scientists have debated this for years luckily there's a new solution to satisfy everyone it's called krill omega fifty plus it combines ultra pure fish oil and joint soothing krill oil together in just one tiny pill it's so powerful it can promote the health of your heart and your arteries and if that wasn't enough it can also boost your joint comfort entrusts days we're so sure krill omega fifty plus will work for.

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