Jobs Report: Four Rate Hikes Now on the Table, Markets Suggest


Wall street time strength in the employment and wage figures could fuel expectation the fed will hike rates for times but atlanta fed president brumfield pasta says he isn't concerned about slightly overshooting the two percent inflation target the trend is going in the right direction and i think we're gonna hit two percent sometime in the next quarter or two i'm actually very comfortable going above the two percent to some amount two point two two point three i don't think that's a that's a crisis of overheating necessarily atlanta fed bridget in buffalo bauch spoke exclusively to bloomberg a voting member of the fomc this year and a former jp mortgage as executive abundance being sounded out to replace deutchebanks ceo john cryan is according to people familiar with the talks recruiters contacted matt zane about the position saves is a former hedge fund trader who helped clean up j p morgan's london whale trading debacle facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg is speaking out about the data privacy crisis saying some advertisers have tails spending she also says her team has a long way to go to reassure customers san spoke with bloomberg's emily chang everyone wants to know the same thing which is argue protecting people's data i think the advertisers.

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