Northeast hit with its fourth snowstorm in 3 weeks

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In now federal agents are combing through his home in austin suburb looking for clues to what his motive might have been meantime prosecutors announced they had filed charges against him in federal court last night connor was charged with one count of unlawful possession and transfer of a destructive device the details of the charges remain sealed the thirties are still concerned that he may have planted more bombs in the day leading up to his death there still urging people in the austin area to be on the lookout for suspicious packages or bags and to call nine one one if they see something for npr news i'm matt largely in austin law swath of the north eastern us maybe getting upwards of a foot of snow from yet another nor'easter to pummel the region in three weeks and just like previous storms this one is bringing much of the region to a standstill disrupting transportation keeping students at home npr's hansie lo wong has the latest forget nor'easter on social media folks round the northeast or calling the fourth winter storm to hit the region in less than a month a four easter it's worth the closing of hundreds of schools including those in your city the country's largest public school system near governor andrew cuomo says stay home if you can don't be fooled don't look out your window today and say well it doesn't look so bad it's going to get worse as the day goes on if you don't have to travel please don't be on the roads the national weather service's forecasting wet heavy snow in the new york city area with wind gusts to forty miles per hour and the threat of widespread power outages ozzy long npr news new york before the close the dow is down forty five points this is npr news from news i'm paul land core the last person allowed to leave the room at the pathway home in yacht ville before a gunman took hostages and killed three people twelve days ago was devereaux smith a fundraiser for the.

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