FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, fired by Jeff Sessions, led probe into Sessions


Profile information on fifty million users to help shape the presidential election we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and if we can't do that then then we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people just the facebook ceo's first on camera response to the data scandal zuckerberg tells cnn they're working in technology to keep entities like cambridge analytica from collecting too much personal data the personal lawyer for attorney general jeff sessions says sessions is no longer under investigation for perjury abc news reported former fbi director andrew mccabe oversaw the investigation into false claims by sessions that he didn't have contact with the russians during the election session says he didn't know about the perjury investigation when he fired mccabe last week days before the caves retirement the federal reserve approves another small interest rate hike a quarter point rise is the sixth increase since the fed started raising rates in late twenty fifteen from the rock bottom level they hit at the depths of the financial crisis ten years ago or levinson reports new fed chair jerome powell expects to more rate hikes this year three more next year thanks to a growing economy and the event in atlanta today the nc double a tournament gets back into action tonight with a pair of sweet sixteen mac matchups in philips arena chicago needed to lastsecond shots to get here but it's germany to philips arena yesterday was even more complicated coach porter moser we were supposed to get an escort we didn't and no one knew how to get here bus driver did know but they arrived so the eleven seeded ramblers will play in that first week sixteen and thirty three years while number seven nevada is approaching history to head coach eric muscleman look we're having a blast that's why we don't want this thing to add we want to keep playing and keep competing wolf pack of everybody delete eight tip off is at seven with kentucky and kansas state to follow him at philips arena jay black wsb got the five o'clock this morning how marta says they're adding extra personnel to help transit moved smoother than it did for.

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