'I didn't want to die in there': Teen rescued from San Antonio cave after 10 hours


Coming up again in 30 minutes komo news time ten 52 we finally know what that mysterious flash of light was over grays harbor county wednesday night here's coach suzanne fond resist the burst of light grays harbor county sheriff rick scott sign with his own eyes he was driving from olympia back home is very dark you're driving down the highway it's dark out in all of a sudden it lights up you could see all the trees grays harbor emergency manage schmidt says hundreds of calls flooded dispatch people reporting a loud boom that shook the ground everyone wondering and worried moore's people everything from a nuclear explosion to something alien spacecraft the sheriff got word from multiple agencies that it was most likely some sort of media art that can colson when it exploded it caused a sonic boom and so there's a scientific explanation for it at beehive restaurant on broadway montesino there's a big buzz about the boom a handful of diners like gary bryant heard it the big grip reckon on the state highway i write out by how they boom so strong it registered on two different seismic grams from the pacific northwest seismic network this ocean shore seismic ram showing a red spike around seven ten pm either way it's a one of a kind event one that has lots of people talking really unusual in grays harbor county suzanne phan komo news orders taunton 53 as we get closer to lunch time on this friday and thank you for joining us said san antonio highschool students expected to be okay we cj ryan says the teen year old endured more than nine hours trap three hundred fifty feet inside an underground cave robberbaron cave on the north side of san antonio is a popular field trip destination but for a student from lee high school it became a temporary home she was wedged as the wrongs fire chief charles who had says the rescue crews are familiar with the caves because they train their it to a digging chipping away limestone and then solving slippery poised to rao after eleven hours stuck in a cave the.

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