Tennessee Titans to release DeMarco Murray


I'm pamela for with your top stories a major announcement on north korea expected from south korean officials at the white house tonight president trump told reporters today there will be a statement at six o'clock so it should happen any moment now the announcement comes after a recent thawing of relations between north and south korea the two countries are still technically at war the south korean officials that the north's leaders are ready to talk about ending their nuclear program or at least putting it on hold if their security is assured acting nashville mayor david riley says he wants his name on the ballot for the special election to name a new mayor making the announcement today that he's running for election august second but nashville attorney james roberts tells wtn stand mandass that election date may violate state law will offer declared at war election commission out noda for the election have to be call that it that election day within set minimum of seventy five days at a maximum of eighty days from when they get noticed roberts sent a letter pointing out the sea she to the election commission that meets tomorrow about the matter in sports the titans informing running back to murray this afternoon that he will be released from the team murray joined the titans in 2016 titans general manager john robinson said in a statement i want to thank dimarco for his contributions has a titan not only for what he did on the field but also in the locker room and in the community and stocks are closing with modest gains after president trump's announcement of new steel and aluminum import tariffs the dow jones industrial average closed ninety four points higher the nasdaq gained thirty one points in the s p 500 climbed twelve news brought to you by adt mccall's traffic and weather next critics and i elation not destroying it's making something in his home mindblowing experience she.

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