Cruz indicted on 17 counts of first degree murder


Yeah i i said his name i've been saying his name on the show the lousy murderer from the parkland florida high school is being indicted on seventeen counts of attempted of attempted murder what was it say attempted murder in this story the seven seventeen counts of first degree murder and seventeen counts of attempted i'm sorry i was reading two separate sentences in this thing i don't know why you have to add the attempted murder attempted murder it's broward county grand jury at return an indictment of force seventeen counts of first degree murder and the attempted murder along with the my i don't know why first degree murder charges mean crews could face the death penalty if convicted now his public defender says the teen is willing to plead guilty of prosecutors agree not to pursue the death penalty that's the state attorney michael sets we'll i would say to broward county i would say to florida i would say to anybody what good is that i'd say go ahead i don't care if you plead not guilty where he he's gonna be he's going to be convicted this is a slam dunk what do you need him to plead not guilty what do you need to have him plead guilty four it's gonna make the the the trial go quicker yeah i would so i guess that is a a factor you can kinda get this over with and not prolong the spectacle in the suffering and everything else so it's in everyone's best interest to move along but in this case of such a brutal murder of seventeen people i would say i don't care if you plead guilty or not and no we're not gonna take the death penalty off the table i do not think they should take the death penalty off the table and accept that kind of a deal they shouldn't accept any kind of deal they should say no i'm sorry public defender i know you're doing what you think is best for your client bought no no death penalties not off the table do you agree with me on that eight three three eight five two four eight six six i think they should pursue the death penalty i would love to see him strapped to a gurney and killed i would love to see it even though i am not.

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