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Don't know maybe i bought into it for that day i think i am a little persuasive sometimes but didn't last long and then i do remember maybe it was tenth grade health class that's what i remember being outside it wasn't like a phys ed teacher coming into it was a health teacher i don't remember the drug education part as much but i do remember like the sex education parts of that talks about like consensus i guess we talk more maybe about sex ed and we did the drug education or that's just what i remember but yeah i just i do remember early on the seventh grade stuff especially was abstinence if it was dare to be it was a public school in new york but i don't remember it was the actual dare program a lot of people say that you know i'm only thirty side could have it was not generation but i don't remember it being dixie i'm starting to notice a theme here in terms of the drug education that we all received because now we're all reflecting our stories in you know for me was bringing in a bunch of people to tell these horrific stories about what happened to him oh this guy picked up a joint at a concert and smoked it and he hasn't come down and five years or you know some football player who ruin their life you know and you know it's a condition of probation they gotta go out and talk to kids about how bad drugs are but i think the consistent theme you know was fear and abstinence and bring it back to the you know the safety first curriculum and kind of the overarching you know approach behind it talk about how important building trust with kids are because i mean look we all looked at these scare tactics same wave yet right my guy i'm gonna take one hit and i'm gonna die and people didn't receive what people were trying to teach talk about the value of trust and.

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