Pedestrian killed by self-driving Uber car in Arizona, police say


Costumes still on edge on jack callaghan fox news the state of texas stepping up the search for suspected serial bomber adding one hundred additional officers divine whomever is leaving bombs in austin we have so many resources that are now devoted to this we are going to find this bomber and i believe we will find the bomber governor greg abbott says the additional manpower is on top of the local police and federal agents already on the case investigators say the similarities in the four devices that have exploded in the last three weeks the most recent bomb sunday used a trip wire thought to be more sophisticated than the three previous package bombs to people have been killed four others injured the brother of admitted florida school shooter nncholas cruise has been arrested on the campus of stoneman douglas high school eighteen year old zachary crews charged with trespassing the broward county sheriff's office says the younger crews got past locked doors and security gates saying he merely wanted to reflect on the shooting lubar has suspended all tests of it self driving cars after one of them struck and killed a pedestrian in the phoenix suburb of tempe arizona vehicle vehicles traveling northbound and the pedestrian was outside of a crosswalk so it was mid block and as soon as she walked into the lane of traffic she was struck by the by vehicle police sergeant ronald elcock says the car was doing about forty miles an hour at the time there was an uber backup driver behind the wheel but he was not actually controlling the car severe storms leaving a path of damage across the southeast on monday night in limestone county alabama near the tennessee border roofs have been ripped off some homes and some out buildings have been torn from their foundations the ethnic director jacksonville state university in east central alabama tweeting there is significant damage to the campus alabama state troopers say the city of jacksonville looks like a war zone of northern central georgia remaining under a tornado watch for the next four hours fox news fair and balanced.

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