Trump suggests possible meeting with Putin in 'not-too-distant future'


Taking their fingers in the air isn't going i'm not hearing you okay as the great philosopher george clinton wants said if you don't pay attention sooner or later you wind up having to pay something else it's three o'clock little rock's news traffic and weather station news radio one zero two point nine k a r n fm sheridan little rock a cumulus station summit soon one more storm i'm richard johnson congratulations from president trump to russian president putin on his reelection in a phone call today and word of an upcoming summit during the photo op at the white house the president says that he and putin will meet in what he said is the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control he said other issues ripe for discussion include syria and ukraine and the kremlin said the two voiced satisfaction at the apparent easing of tensions with north korea the president apparently made no mention during the call of the nerve agent attack which the us britain and others have blamed on russia jerry bowed lender washington the many calls for the special counsel to stay in place now include that of senate republican leader mitch mcconnell i don't think bob mueller is going anywhere i think there's widespread feeling under the president's lawyers obviously agree that he ought to be allowed to finish the job by both mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan do not support bills that would keep muller in place by law a former playboy model who took a hundred fifty thousand dollars from the publishers of the national enquirer which never printed her story about an alleged ten month affair with donald trump back in two thousand six wants out of that deal karen mcdougal signed on the agreement that did not require american media inc to write the.

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