New survey claims nearly half of England fans want World Cup boycott


The road is beautiful wto studios in orlando florida you know we're talking about we haven't really touched on the other big topic of the day and that is russia i mean they're using nerve agents to kill their former patriots who are swapped in one case a few years ago living in england and they put both of them in the both the agent and the daughter in the hospital a nerve agent attack that you wouldn't expect to find possibly in syria it's now happening in the uk there's a response and expulsion of twentythree diplomats russians have answered back now germany has hit hidden with sanctions we have hidden with sanctions and i knew this was going to happen they're talking about a world cup boycott can you imagine this even if you're not a soccer fan just no it's the number one sport in the world is bigger than the olympics when the world cup comes their russia got it in a corrupt fashion because feta the governing body we've proven to be extremely corrupt no question about it they paid off to get it it doesn't belong there they actually beat us out four it why would you go in send the british soccer team to russia when you can't even trust that they're going to be okay or the british citizens who want support the team would do it and if i'm germany i follow suit and that will get his attention he hates worldwide embarrassment that's what makes me wonder what he was thinking to green light this operation because he was a boy scout right before the olympics and now right before the world cup he goes ahead and attacks where soccer was founded and that's the england so this to me is a huge risk for four vladimir putin and i don't know how many heard the show yesterday but bill browder snitch national investor and had major investments in russia and his lawyer when they started taking his money and taxing them through the roof when started become clear that russia was not going to be a place to invest they took hundreds of millions of dollars from a lawyer tried to get it back and they basically arrested his lawyer tortured and killed him and the mcginn ski act is an answer to that so they immediately sanctioned a bunch of oligarchs and.

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