China's Xi Jinping reappointed as president with no term limits


Douglas's of lithuania and here with me for the whole program on my two guests abc radio correspondent tom river and the economist and broadcaster linda you all to come on weekends after the world news this is the bbc news hello i'm jonathan is odd the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe who was sacked on friday just before his planned retirement has rounded on the trump administration accusing it of acting with political malice against him and the fbi president trump tweeted that his dismissal was a great day for the bureau and democracy more from our washington correspondent kris buckler in two thousand sixteen as hillary clinton was running for president she was being investigated because of questions but emails she received on a private server what she was the us secretary of stairs mr mccabe authorized information to be given to the media something department of justice said he was not entitled to do under internal fbi investigation find he had not been completely honest when asked about it but andrew mccabe says he's been sacked for political reasons and he cleans up president trump brought much of that pressure in a lengthy statement he accused the white house of declaring war on both the fbi and the special counsel's investigation in allegations of russian interference in the election two years ago lawyers representing president trump have gone to court seeking twenty million dollars in damages from the porn actress stormy daniels accusing her of violating a nondisclosure agreement she signed before the presidential elections in two thousand sixteen china's parliament has voted to appoint the former anticorruption chief wang shan as vice president xi jinping it also unanimously confirmed mr she's second five year term in power james reid reports the post of vice president has traditionally been largely ceremonial in china but that's likely to change with the appointment of wang shan he's a staunch ally if xi jinping notice the firefighter because of its recording tackling difficult issues as anti corruption chief mr wang led a purge of the communist party that brought down dozens of senior officials as a former trade negotiator he also has long experience of dealing with the united states all this makes him an ideal right hand man for xi jinping as the chinese leader consolidates his power at home abroad the.

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