Bill Cosby trial: 1st accuser takes stand in sex assault re-trial


Kenny loggins an american artist who makes music that improves movies try to imagine topgun without caddyshack without footloose without you get the big kenny loggins this has been an artist profile on w o g l dot com w more wasn't on your radio or anywhere you go w o g o dot com slash listen cloudy and thirty nine degrees headed to fifty six in the sunshine today news time five forty jurors and bill cosby sex assault retrial yesterday heard from the first of five other accusers and aspiring actress from colorado who met cosby in one thousand nine hundred eighty four the latest from kyw suburban bureau chief jim melwert the first of five prior accuser set to testify at the trial heidi thomas testified she was a model and aspiring actress and denver in nineteen eightyfour at the request of bill cosby she was flown to reno nevada by her agency for what she was told was a mentoring opportunity a one on one acting lesson with bill cosby but in reno after she took a sip of wine he'd given her she testified she had no real memory only snapshots of the next four days she graphically described two of those snapshots sexual encounters with cosby with no memory of how they began earlier in the day the defense laid out their case to the jerry tom mezro in his opening painted cosby is a sad lonely man reeling from the murder of a son he portrayed primary accuser andrea constand as a con artist who took advantage of the relationship in norristown jim melwert kyw newsradio we'll update.

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