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And i did i use the same marketing tactics that i use wallace on drugs i may business cards and i started going up the girls were yoga pants on leg i see that you work out you know you should come work out with me i run combat he is a is a prison style boot camp the rightful my prison experience way i lost seventy pounds of six months in a prison cell and then helped over twenty inmates whose or thousand pounds combined i could get ya at that price queues my language that prison by you've always desired and did they come or were they kind of scared off by some sub just laughed out of a thousand may be i 5 or 10 so it's a it's a go well wasn't there some story you're working out in some guy past you and said can i join in ucf or two hundred dollars i was doing polo bar training in the morning and i had a group about like six some people out there he comes like running towards the side and jumps on this polo bar that i've made there's no pub on park i took to say broken peace pipe offered the ground and stuck in between fences and was dorm polo bar training there and when he jumped on as a y'all that's my bar you have to pay me for that and he was like oh i'm sorry in on and only to this was bag than i told them i do want to join and uh he was like how much is it and i was like adding we have like a pricing niaz strategy or whatever and i i told him a two hundred dollars and then we went to atm ally quit pleat.

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