A highlight from Mr. Fruit's Getting Married (Again!?)

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I'm i'm not really you're missing. There's nothing else to describe. Then what's going on if you're ever gonna watch did you ever gonna watch one visually. I don't know how you would watch something else. Not visually but point is. If you're gonna watch the podcasts. I wanna do it this week We got the boys shark. And bless behind rob for my wedding and we talk about my upcoming wedding and other things. Let's questions irs That it was it was a wild ride. The final fun. Yeah brother hope. You guys the podcast. Let's get into it. Oh pardon your regularly scheduled podcast listening for this short at break a so you so like bless gets here and we're gonna jay what's up so we get to guess with the first thing bless puts on youtube. I wanna know what's the first thing you up. Top five shorts ma'am. I was here in somebody. I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were they were making fun. That guy because it's probably the same guy who's like here. We are in this haunted mansion and in this video clip you can see that there will still be a ghost in the background and then like they played a clip. It was like. Ptsd like no we. Did you see that we were watching this. Like paranormal act. What is it like. Paranormal something on on on the travel tv and blessed. I'm like going through. The channels is to kind of find something i up like we put it on and is just some of the most like cringe stuff i've ever seen like there's this one and it was like now. This couple is walking in this abandoned house. Now watch what happens. And it's like this lady like just walking and then there's like an open door and then she pretends to get pulled into the door so like she's just walking in and also she's like well like that it's like and then they had like experts on the thing and they're like i mean you can see clearly this whole by like an entity a pretty scary one at that. They like six different experts. Experts like sabrina. Dangerous like one. Big suprema dang what. Sabrina sacrifice was her book out of your way her. Name's elizabeth slaughter like out. She's like you can clearly see that entities angry and his forcing that woman into that room and then blocks the door so they can't get in the woman just like hold the door while her husband is trying to get is so stupid and then like there was one where a couples on the freeway and they may see like what is bigfoot walking walking on a ridge and they pull over of course. They record in vertical. And it's like you can clearly see a big black footed monster walk in here and it's just like what you can. It's maybe a guy in a jacket like stupid to this tree. Yes off as you can clearly see you. Rose what rosalita. Seven plus the resident evil eighty nine thousand three nine for three. I'm so glad you guys just know that. I did one nine. Six nine is how nine bully. I'm good at ninety one seven and the guy like in front of the weight machine like guessing wastes. Yeah that sounds like less. i'm. I'm sorry you can't be here to show me all this spooky. So that's why you'll have the next few summit. Yeah the the. I like We need to do like fatima phobia like four person. Vr that would be the scariest thing will be. How nauseous you so was to fathom phobe. Look go to a haunted house. When they're all we should go look like we. We should do look into scape room or to the stanley hotel or something or we just go to like a graveyard at night. You know that is. I'm not doing that. You're saying that to that. Not what are we. Mr beast like sleep that to mr b's i spent all night in a cemetery arena spent all day in this cemetery. If you freeze frame it guy behind me. Fifty thousand dollars for just being here. If you freeze the frame here fifty yards in the dark. There appears to be somebody assign. It could be a blast or it could be big five so i kind of explained that there was a kind of crazy story when i was picking up a blessed shark so on my way to pick them up. We're blessed shocker. Here mr wedding. Congratulations yeah okay. So i mean. I have a wedding and behind. Yeh rob is blessed and shark. Yeah i'm blessed and suchart plus to sherry choice your shirt. Though for like for all way off fudge i need to re reposition got after you do. You should just done like among us. No chance they come at it. What's the worst that can happen. You know. I still remember bongo pulling the plug leave. Bunga pulled it under us. Actually still mad about that and everyone's still was like screw me for trying to be respectful. Yeah we we tried to have at least like a shirt or something and it was two or something like the dream team round to destiny shirt. Our out say bucket or something tells me this know. I like staying out of court. Personally i remember phasing in for was like that sick and i was like i know i worked really hard on it. And then he was like bad news. We can't upload it. Fuck me. Okay so i thought i drove through tornado to pick up a blessing and the shark. Oh knew what was coming. They were trying to stop

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