Pillar, McKinney Each Homer Twice as Mets Rout Orioles 14-1


The Mets battered Matt Harvey for the second time this season and clobbered the Orioles fourteen to one Kevin Polari Billy McKinney each homered twice for the Mets who also receive round trippers from Peter Alonso and Mason Williams Paul R. had three hits including his first two home runs since he was hit in the face by a fastball may seventeenth I definitely think there's a different confidence knowing that this is a place for the ball flies a little bit more the fences are you know obviously deep in the gas but I think it's it could be counter productive if you go out there and try to do it Harvey was tagged for seven runs in just three innings Taijuan Walker lowered his ERA to two point oh seven by limiting the Orioles to R. run and five hits over seven innings I'm Dave very

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