Megan Rapinoe Among 'Trailblazing' Women Replacing Victoria’s Secret Angels


Megan repeal okay is among a group of trail-blazing women. Yeah replacing. victoria's secret angels. Because you don't want hot women modeling underwear anymore. You don't want that you don't want that you want lesbians or larger women writing So that's what they're doing. Apparently the embattled lingerie brand why are they embattled. I didn't know that victoria secret was embattled. I don't know. I don't know somebody might want to fact. Check us for me. The women wear underwear anymore. I mean i don't know maybe that's it just a market maybe maybe not maybe not lingerie But they're announcing new marketing direction and it's gonna feature Sounds good. it's it's a move intended to move beyond the angel models and one of those faces gonna be megan repeal Yes so we get to see meghan repeat no and won't that be great Oh man was the company whose shares lost four billion dollars in value. coke. Yeah yeah seems like something similar about the befalls does sure does may sound like a surprise for those who are familiar with both repeal. No one of the most outspoken progressive voices in sports. And victoria's secret which has long drawn criticism for its narrow reinforcement of women's beauty standards. It outta here shut up. But it's reflective of the change needed for a brand that has seen its market share sync for years as the brand's new head told the new york times a change. It's been a long time coming.

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