Interview With Author, Jesse Q. Sutanto

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And we're here with jesse. Qc who tanto the author of dial a for aunties as well as the obsession. Welcome jesse were so excited to have you here on the show. I thank you so much for having me your full disclosure. We've been trying to make this interview happen for months. I feel like to who calling in from. Are you in singapore. No or carter. Indonesia jakarta so time zones are thing. Yeah well So just starting off. Jesse can you tell us a little bit about when you wanted to become a writer like was writing always something that was part of your life. i heard that it took you like eight manuscripts to get published like it was very long journey for you so if you could expand a little bit on that on my never ending saga yeah i mean i i. I've always loved and bucks. And i think it was around like ten years ago now actually longer than that I was like okay. I'm gonna get a master's in creative righty and my parents were like. Oh you should go to business school and outright ending yet right But they supported me anyway that they're wonderful and and so i did that and then it's a heck of a long time After graduating to even get like one book published so that was that was a really long and twist the during with lots and lots of rejections and for the longest time. I was kinda trying to find my voice. And i think around At that time we didn't really have like that diverse You know push for more diverse city. And so i was writing. I didn't think that you know publishing. Would once stories from people like me. And so for the longest time i was just kinda writing occasion characters and stuff like that. So i'm very grateful for all the authors who you-know-who kind of paved. The way for us

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