A highlight from IN THE HEIGHTS - Double Toasted Audio Review

Double Toasted


Stone shit rapid constitution. Yes like schoolhouse rock. I grew up. Schoolhouse wrap ravna. Yeah man yeah man. And you should channel point for the for the prediction of what you think. We're going to give this movie right here. Which is in the heights you'll ever since hamilton came out though shit right. Now are lin manuel miranda. When he went to go take ship. If somebody wants to make that a mess will maranda third ever since hamilton. This man has been the they've seen him as gold right now. He is the man i want. And i m looking at his that. He's looking at looking at you looking at money. Let bill back then. Lynn and boom boom. You're looking at those sparkle. The dallas is that right there he is. Hi lyn Yeah now they say well. What else can we get out of here that this man has done so this has been asked about four wild. This is talking about in the heights. This was a broadway. Play was his one of his brow. Broadway production yeah. When his first one of his first ran in bring it on the musical. Bring it on the. I ain't even know that you know when in the heights came out as a as a stage man. i'd read it earlier today. And i don i witness was it ninety two while back when it i really ninety two might've been shit because he was in college when he wrote when he wrote it. So you might have been caused be performed it there. And then it went to off broadway and then to broadway and this is of course we're about to show you one of the more recent broadway productions of in the heights. Thursday knights implies the

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