Future-Proofing the Digital Health Ecosystem

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Health is becoming front and center and for very good reasons so talk to us a little bit about virtual health. How are you guys adding value to the ecosystem. I mean just to complete the story of how. I got the jump from aging in place to healthcare as you mentioned in the introduction i mean i have a family member asked away for late stage diagnosis and that was my first exposure to the healthcare industry. I found it extremely frustrating experience as many people. Do and the one thing when the you know the individual ultimately ended up passing away. And i think the one thing that i really had difficulty with was the first one was high risk. There were forty year. Smoker ended up having lung cancer. You would think that if you're proactive in healthcare you would suggest maybe a just a basic x ray lung x ray right and if you've been able to discover this early you know that person still beer which is obviously the most important thing but i also have spent we also have saved the Health systems and the amount of time spent the waiting rooms and dealing with chemo. And the amount of money and resources were taxed from from a system that's over and then having the insurance companies spending millions of dollars for end of life care when it again. If they had been proactive. It wouldn't have had to spend that money right so for me. It was just a very simple concept of if all of our incentives are aligned. And we're all lying to find conditions early especially in high risk populations in. Why aren't we being proactive. And white we all work together. So that was my my impetus to start virtual health inspiration which was basically the technology that we're using for aging place it also could be utilized for any type of high risk ovulation. Obviously the elderly in a part of apple also people who are underprivileged underserved and using data to essentially detect those high risk individuals and intervene at the proper moment to save healthcare system. Money and time.

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