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Well rights jc collins colorado and Those citizen groups save the polluter and no pipedream are at it again suing to stop the city of fort collins from processing an application for northern integrated the northern integrated supply project otherwise known as nist sp for those projects infrastructure in the city limits. Eight oh eight. Now thirteen ten. Kfi k thirteen ten kfi k dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision especially studios joined this morning By spokesperson for northern water. Jeff jeff. I always want to pronounce your last name jeff. Stella sorry about that. you're good thanks for having me on. How long have we been talking about this. We're coming up on eighteen nineteen years now. That's what i thought. And how many lawsuits have been filed well. It's interesting one of the things that is taking is making this process. Take so long is that we're being very thorough and careful with our permits and our applications and making sure we're doing everything we can as in there. Yeah so that. If they're going to be held up to scrutiny that will do just fine. So for instance are states permit was Was appealed was challenged and the state water quality. Control commission look at it and said nope you did everything you needed to do. And so we're advancing with that. So we have our state kermit our county permit. We're looking to get our federal permits soon. And so now. We're looking at the city of fort collins when we need to permit from them and and i think the opposition groups recognize that that we're coming close it. It's getting to be time to get this bill. Okay now for those who well. Perhaps their memory bank doesn't stretch that far jeff Tell us about nece. And what seems to be the primary source of consternation for these two citizen groups. Sure thing well we were in a drought in two thousand and two and that really crystallized the need for a lot of emerging communities in northern colorado like evans eaten severance and even the the southern portion of fort collins so if you're living in south of harmony road in the new developments before collins you're in the fort collins loveland water district and these groups came together and said we need to develop a water supply not just for this year but really looking into the twenty first century and so i think that when you look at at what's come before us we've had regional communities come together to build things like horse two reservoir and lake grand to bring water to northern colorado. Well this is the next generation of a regional water supply. And i think that those who who really oppose it are are neglecting the fact that it was a regional cooperation. That got us to where we are right now well and when you look at the explosive growth throughout the northern colorado water certainly necessary to support that growth. That's right people don't call. The city's ask about their water supply before they moved here. They're moving here. Because there's great jobs and great opportunities in northern colorado. And i think that the opposite were true that there were no great jobs. No great opportunities. It would be a worst place to live in. So it's one of those things where we're planning to meet the or were planning to meet the demand and the demand just keeps coming because it's a great place to live. Jeff stylize spokesperson for northern water. Twelve thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten. Kfi a dot com. So tell us about this latest lawsuit and what this complaint actually argues It's my understanding that it centers around northern waters spar. The site plan advisory review. But they're also seeking to cancel the fort collins planning and zoning board review the application set for the end of this month right the city fort collins. There's a lot of government agencies that develop property within the city and normally there's a process where another government would go before the the city of fort collins to talk about their development plans but You have some groups who say that. We shouldn't be treated like another government that we should have to go through a process. That's really not meant for organizations like ours and so what is happening is they're challenging in court. The ability of fort collins to treat us like another government that is looking to develop something for the public good that they think that we should be treated more like a for profit company. Which really isn't what we are. We are taxing district just like many other districts in the state and were were here for public good and so the challenge really is to try to force us into a different process than one that fort collins really specifically set aside for government entities. Now jeffey have Mister wachner With a save the putin Saying that he hopes that the city will to settle out of court but as previously mentioned this goes to the hearing that june thirtieth hearing satisfactory settlements in his view would involve cancelling that hearing humping a concern. Is that to you at northern water at this point. Well we're going to let the process played self out the as part of that. We're preparing for the hearing and we anticipate going before the planning and zoning commission on on the thirtieth and will we have a good story to tell and we're excited to be able to do that to them and talk about how we meet. All of the city's requirements in terms of as a government entity looking to build an improvement on property within the city for collins seems to me on jeff that patients would be part of your and your colleagues job description northern water. That's right well and people forget that even the colorado big thompson project it was built in a different era but it still took twenty years to complete and so when we embark on projects like these. We're not talking about water for next year. We're talking about water for the next generation and so my kids are growing up in northern colorado. And i would love for them to be able to start their families and racing them here as well and that's really what we're thinking about is the next generations moving forward. Thanks for bringing us up to speed as you do. So well northern water spokesman jeff stales certainly appreciate your time and indeed. You're too nasty as well. Thank you very much. Gail take good care now. 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