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You made it weird with the homes. Look what's happening weirdos. This is matthew. Johnson dr matthew johnson. Excuse me he didn't correct me. This is dr matthew johnson guys. He is the professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. At john hopkins is also one of the world's most published scientists on human effects of psychedelics and he's four spearheading spearheading spearheading. Yeah they said that. These the tip of the spear of psychedelic research at john hopkins As which johns hopkins. Excuse me the hopkins belongs to john. I've made a lot of mistakes in the intro. But we're keeping it. This is matthew johnson. We had a two hour. Chat about psychedelics and spirituality and science and it was awesome. And i really hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening and if you want to support the show try pete's pick this is this is how we keep the lights on. It means a lot. We don't have a patriot. We don't have a donate button if you like. This always free podcasts It would help us out if you if you try. One of the picks one of them is one of our oldest pete's picks. It's me on these. I'm currently wearing my panda red pandas. Well the other words red panda black standard black and white cameras so let me ask you something you wear that you can't see but it can make or break your day. If you guessed underwear you were listening to the beginning of the ad. When i said me on is and you probably have a lot of good days. It's usually there is a reason your underwear is the first thing you put on me. Uneasy believes you should be comfortable at your core.

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